Club is ordered to pay athlete’s salaries in the currency and within the deadlines agreed upon the Contract

por: NK Advocacia - 17/04/2017

That is what the Court of the International Volleyball Federation – FIVB decided in a Complaint filed by a Brazilian professional athlete, represented by Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia, against an Egyptian Club. As stated in the decision, issued in Switzerland on 13 April 2017, the contracting Club cannot make the athlete to bear the losses with the conversion of the local currency to US Dollars, which was the currency agreed upon in the Contract for paying the athlete’s salaries, either by devaluation or by overdue payments. According to the lawyers handling the case, Luís Fernando Pamplona Novaes and Felipe Andrade de Melo, this is a very important decision, since it protects athletes who, in many cases, do not have the needed time or technical knowledge to deal with financial matters such as the exchange rates variation, and, therefore, may be unaware of the losses that such issues may cause to them.

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