Sidnei Fernando da Silveira

OAB/SC 55.060



Since 2001 in the Information Security Market, he acts as a leader in the Digital Law area of ​​Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia, focusing on Data Protection, Information Security, Electronic Commerce, Compliance and Digital Fraud.


Specialist in Digital Law by the Faculdade Verbo Jurídico, 2018.Bacharel in Law by the Foundation Regional University of Blumenau / FURB, 2018.Bacharel in Information Systems by Leonardo da Vinci University Center / Uniasselvi, 2008.


Teaching Experience

He was professor in the course of Superior of Technology in Computer Networks of the SENAI / SC.English LANGUAGE. COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIESConciler of the Judicial Center for Conflict Resolution and Citizenship – CEJUSC