Evaristo Kuhnen 

OAB/SC 5.431

Contact: evaristo@nkadvocacia.com.br

Mr. Kuhnen has been practicing Law since 1986 and working in the areas of Corporate Law, Labor Law, Medical and Healthcare Law, Administrative Law, Tax Law and Third-sector Organizations.
Since 1992, Mr. Kuhnen is an attorney in Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia, where he is a Master Partner and integrates the firm’s Managing Board.

Specialist degree in Tax Law from Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB, with teaching certification.
Specialist degree in Public Law from Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina – UFSC.
Bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB, class of 1985.

Professor of Economic Law, Banking Law, Administrative Law, Public Records, Office and Forensic Practice and Advisory for Writing Monographs at Universidade Regional de Blumenau (1987 – 2007).
Coordinator of the Law course at Faculdade Franciscana – FAE Blumenau (2008 – 2014).


Member of the Council for Health of the City of Blumenau/SC – Brazil.
Member of the Tax Board of the Historical Institute of Blumenau/SC – Brazil.
Member of the Supervisory Board of the History Institute of the City of Blumenau.
Founding member of Caritas Diocesana de Blumenau – a third-sector entity.
Former member of the Board of Trustees of Universidade Regional de Blumenau – FURB.
Former member of the Taxpayers Council of Blumenau/SC – Brazil.